High Ground Wins Next Gen ANG Helmet Cover

High Ground Wins Next Gen ANG Helmet Cover

Philadelphia, PA 

Ehmke Manufacturing Company, Inc., home of High Ground is pleased to announce that the Air National Guard (ANG), has awarded a contract to purchase High Ground’s newly designed “TANGO-SFS” helmet cover for their special operations and security forces units. 

High Ground’s TANGO-SFS helmet cover is specifically developed for operators that require demanding performance criteria, functionality and Berry Compliance. High Ground’s technical staff and application engineers worked directly with the Air National Guard to evaluate, research and test downrange feedback that resulted in product enhancements and the incorporation of unique design elements in the ANG’s head borne protection systems.

“Our team of engineers working under the direction of Executive Vice President Michael Runella, were able to develop a helmet cover that exceeds the requirements to support the mission of our Air National Guard (ANG),” said High Ground President Glenn Aust. “Our mission at High Ground is and has always been to focus on what we can do to support our war fighters as they selflessly work each day to protect us and the interests of our country.”

“These advancements position High Ground as a major contributor to future head borne systems that will benefit the military. High Ground now offers a 100% Berry Compliant, made in the U.S.A., commercial off the shelf (COTS) product,” said Mike Runella, Executive Vice President

"Mike Runella and his product development team did an excellent job of translating the Air National Guard’s performance criteria into a robust head borne systems product. The joint collaboration between the soldier and our technical team has resulted in a high-performing product for our front-line soldiers,” commented Ehmke CEO Bob Rosania. “I see this as just the first product we will develop with the help of the Air National Guard.

The complete High Ground product catalogue of tactical gear and armor can be found at www.highgroundgear.com.

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