Level IIIA Standard Ballistic Shield

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The Level IIIA Standard Ballistic Shield from High Ground incorporates the latest materials, technology, lightweight design and a handle system that has been ergonomically refined over a number of years. They provide tactical firearms teams with protection against ballistic and fragmentation threats. The shields are available in a standard range of sizes and protection levels. High Ground uses proprietary, market leading polyethylene (UHWMPE) meeting and exceeding the NIJ 0108.01 testing standards.


  • 9mm +P+, 127GR
  • .357SIG 115GR JHP
  • .357 SIG 125GR GDHP
  • .40 cal, 95GR
  • 9mm Fiocchi, 115GR FMJ
  • 5.7x28mm 40GR (BLUE)
  • 5.7x28mm 27GR SS195 (LFHP)
  • 7.62×25mm, 95GR Tokarev FMJ


  • 20”x34”: 12.6lbs.
  • 24”x36”: 15.62lbs.


  • Optional LED Light, View Port, ID Decals


  • High Ground offers a 5 year warranty on ballistic performance.