HG Quick Release Battle Belt


SKU: HG-7980-1

The NEW Quick Release Battle Belt System from High Ground are a new addition to our waist belt family. Now you can purchse them separately and integrate them on any one of our packs. This padded belt can be used for your patrol belt while the MOLLE panels make it completely customizable.  Carry 40 MM grenades, flash bangs, smoke, dump pouches or whatever you need to carry while on patrol.   


  • 1.5" Wider Back than our Standard QR Waist Belt System
  • 30% More padding for heavier carriage load out
  • Must be run with a riggers belt or other securing belt directly through belt system. (Riggers belt not included)
  • None-slip material in rear of belt
  • HG-830, Rigid Frame Trauma, 3 Day, 3 Day JTAC, Summit 5 Pack and HG 5 Day Compatible.