HG M9 Medical Kit, v2

High Ground Gear

SKU: HG-7981-1-V2

The High Ground Medical Trauma Pack is the standard M9 Pack kitted with our Version 2 medical supplies (content listed) with some time-saving features built in so you can grab this pack out of an air platform or MRAP and begin instant trauma treatment or use the pack with Removable Shoulder Straps and throw it on over your assault kit.


  • Instant-Access Grab-Tab lets you open the pack using a single-handed motion so you have immediate access to all tools
  • Removable Internal-Mesh Pouches lets you separate and instantly identify and remove specific med kits (bleeders, airway, IV’S)
  • Internal Zippered Pockets let you separate critical tools so they are easy to find when you need them.


  • QTY 2: Redi-Splint Folded (4”x36” Black)
  • QTY 1: Phantom Litter
  • QTY 1: Tourniquet AFAK Straps (Set of 2)
  • QTY 4: SOF Tactical Tourniquet 1.5”
  • QTY 3: 4” OLAES Modular Bandage
  • QTY 3: Z-Fold Combat Gauze
  • QTY 3: Z-Pak Gauze
  • QTY 1: Blast Bandage
  • QTY 1: 4” Control Wrap
  • QTY 1: Cotton Triangular Bandage
  • QTY 2: Nasopharyngeal Airway 28FR
  • QTY 2: 14ga 3.25” Decompression Needle
  • QTY 3: Blackmaxx Gloves
  • QTY 5: Combat Casualty Card
  • QTY 2: Black Sharpie
  • QTY 1: Tape Board with Duct Tape-5 ft.
  • QTY 1: Tape Board with Surgical 2” Tape-5 ft.
  • QTY 2: Halo Chest Seal (2 per pack), None-Vented
  • QTY 1: Trauma Sheers, 7.25”
  • QTY 1: Gear Keeper, Trauma Sheer Lanyard