Instant-Access Smoke Grenade Pouch, Single


SKU: HG-8041-1

The High Ground Instant-Access Smoke Grenade Pouch helps keep your focus on the enemy where it belongs.Standard grenade pouches force you to use your fine motor skills to undo buckles and extract munitions. This two-step process – though simple – can become complicated under fire and increase the amount of time that you are off your gun.

By combining a large Grab-Tab and a Single-Flow Directional Pull Release we are able to put a smoke grenade in your hands that is ready to throw – immediately.

Forget standard pouches and get back in the fight.


  • Fastest access smoke grenade pouch available anywhere
  • Large Grab-Tab allows you to access grenade without looking at your pouch
  • Single-Flow Directional Pull Release decreases access time
  • Two separate snaps secure grenade and allow you to access the grenade in the more traditional & deliberate manner—if time permits
  • Releases Smoke Grenade into Palm
  • Weight: 0.19lbs.