HG Advanced Plate Carrier v2


SKU: HG-8470-1

The Advanced Plate Carrier v2 (APCv2) from High Ground is a fully adjustable, scalable and modular plate carrier system. Manufactured from 500D MILSPEC Cordura lined with our MILSPEC anti-microbial air mesh. Its 2.5” padded fully adjustable length/angle shoulder straps allows the end user to choose the length of shoulder strap and angle for proper shoulder placement. The removable shoulder pads are fully padded and backed with a MILSPEC Air-Mesh for comfort and durability. The APCv2 incorporates a tested/fully integrated drag strap, which when not in use is easily secured to itself to the top of the carrier. The APCv2 features two separate bottom loading front and rear soft and hard armor pockets which are backed with high density foam for comfort. The plate pockets house High Grounds “Single Pull Plate Ejection System” allowing the end users to drop their plates without loosing their kit or soft armor. Both front and rear plate pockets are easily accessible without removing the carrier from the end user for quick insertion of hard or soft armor ballistics. The APCv2 also features our interior map pockets front and rear for increased storage of items such as maps, documents, etc. The front of the APCv2 includes our standard “kangaroo” pouch which houses a number of High Ground pouches. Lastly with our 1.0” single pull side buckling system you can be assured that the APCv2 is the last plate carrier you will ever wear.


  • 500D Double Walled Construction
  • MOLLE Outer Construction
  • Padded MILSPEC Anti-Microbial Air Mesh Lining
  • Adjustable Length/Angle Shoulder Straps
  • 2.5” Removable Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Fully Integrated/Tested Drag Strap
  • Dual External Bottom Load Plate Pockets for Soft Armor and Hard Armor.
  • Separate Pocket for Soft Armor Panels
  • Internal Map Pockets
  • HG Single Pull Plate Ejection System
  • Upper and Lower Suspension System
  • 1.0” Single Pull Buckle Side System
  • Integrated Hook and Loop ID Panel
  • Optional SCS Cummerbund System
  • SAPI, ESAPI and XSAPI Compatible (All Sizes)
  • Sizes Available: XS-XL