HG Rigid-Frame Modular Trauma Pack w/ QR Waist Belt System

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The High Ground Rigid-Frame Modular Trauma Pack w/ QR Waist Belt System is your answer to "weight distribution + instant aid station"

Designed to enable personnel to respond to large casualty scenarios (IEDs, etc.), this fully modular trauma pack lets you dismount from vehicles, instantly plug in to a weight-distributing waistbelt, and distribute trauma supplies across multiple casualties.


  • HG830 Frame
  • 2 large, instantly removable casualty pouches
  • 6 modular trauma pouches
  • 1 Assault Strap for attaching blow out kits
  • 1 Quick-Release Weight-Distributing Waist Belt System

NOTE: Does NOT Include any medical supples, please see "Medical Kits" tab for kitted solutions.