7.62 Drop Down Admin Pouch, Double


SKU: HG-8172-1

Unfortunately, on today’s battlefield, sometimes you need more than bullets.

The High Ground 7.62 Drop Down Admin, Double is two side-by-side 7.62 mag pouches in an ultra-thin and ultra-capable instant-access admin pocket that you can slap shut or close and secure. It’s sized to fit a standard Rite-in-the-Rain all-weather notebook and a larger than normal Battlemap.

“Instant Access” means that this pouch has gone through our OODASYS design process to ensure that this product reduces your heads-down time when you have to coordinate players on the battlefield. In other words, the 7.62 Admin Pouch helps keep your focus on the enemy where it belongs.

Don’t let paperwork interfere with your mag changes.



  • Two 7.62 Mag pouches
  • 3 rows of MOLLE
  • Drop down tray with laminated Battlemap pocket
  • 3 pencil / grease-pencil webbing loops
  • PDA / iPhone pocket
  • Extra roomy Rite-in-the-Rain notebook pocket