History is more than a culmination of battles decided by superior numbers. History is a biography of advantage - in weapons, in logistics, in technology, and even in terrain. For us, High Ground products and design methodology represents THE advantage.

Located in Philadelphia, the birthplace of our Nation, High Ground is the Tactical Systems Division of Ehmke Manufacturing which has been manufacturing quality products for the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial & Commercial Markets since 1929.

High Ground's technology was influenced and created by former operators, We understand the responsibilities we have to our warriors. High Ground brings that down range experience to produce innovative gear that helps our operators accomplish their missions.

As long as we have our Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Agents and Police in the fight, High Ground will continue to challenge ourselves to create practical solutions that keep our operators heads up and eyes on the enemy. 

High Ground Gear is THE Tactical Advantage.

Deserve victory, Seize advantage. Choose High Ground.